FRP Chimney

Chimneys and chimney liners of FRP material are state-of-the-art products in the power industry. FRP is a corrosion and chemical-resistant material with excellent properties to be used for chimneys and chimney liners. An FRP chimney is lightweight and the lifespan of the product is much longer as compared with concrete or steel. But selecting the right partner for the supply of a FRP chimney is crucial.

Plasticon Composites specialises in the design, manufacturing and assembling of FRP chimneys for power industries. We have built up an impressive list during the last decades, carrying out reference projects all over the world.

Plasticon Composites offers FRP chimney liners in a wide variety of diameters, up to 18 meters in diameter. We can manufacture these products on-site with our on-site winding machine, avoiding transportation challenges. Our experienced team can directly assemble the FRP cans where needed at the customer’s premises.

Benefits when you opt for Plasticon Composites:

  • Large diameters, up to 18 metres, are possible;
  • On-site winding possibilities with our On-site winding machine;
  • High resistance in wet acid environments;
  • Smooth assembly and installation;
  • Lightweight;
  • Long lifespan;
  • No maintenance.

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