Fluor plastics

Plasticon Composites is recognized as a leading supplier in fluoropolymer linings for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, semi-conductor, power generation, waste incineration, biotechnology and processing industries. Our lining products are characterized by outstanding chemical resistance, compatibility to both high and low temperatures, high-pressure ratings and corrosion resistance. Plasticon Composites offers a large range of fluoropolymer liners such as PVDF, E-CTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA and modified PTFE (e.g. TFM) can be employed as dual laminate, sheet lining, loose lining and fixpoint lining. The various adhesion promoters create an optimal physical bridge between the lining and the base material to be protected against corrosion. Our liner materials thus provide a high level of safety and can be used for many applications – even at negative pressure.

With excellent manufacturing processes, Plasticon Composites has become a well-known supplier for high purity linings of ISO containers for the semiconductor industry. These containers transport ultra pure chemicals which are used for photolithographic etching processes for silicon-based microchip or solar cell productions. For the semi-conductor industry, Plasticon Composites supplies:

  • Equipment for the production of ultra-pure chemicals
  • Ultra-pure chemical storage, day, slurry and mixing tanks
  • Sheet linings for ISO containers
  • Ultra-pure water storage tanks

The fixpoint lining system, available under the name of Plastlite,  has been tested at 250 °C and 50 mbar of under pressure and approved to be the best system for lining heat exchangers with highly corrosive surroundings (HCl and H2SO4).