Plasticon Composites is a certified manufacturer of solid high performance thermoplastic constructions, focusing on special solutions for customer-related developments such as: pipe bundles for wet electro filters, lamellar separators for water cleaning, covers for special apparatus.

Plasticon Composites’ production strength of thermoforming liner materials enables us to minimize the number of weld seams. This has made Plasticon Composites a high quality supplier for the chemical industry.

Plasticon Composites applies thermoplastics together with FRP when mechanical strength is required, what us called ‘dual laminate’. This makes our products superior in performance to metals and other materials.

Thermoplastic materials are polymers with excellent chemical resistance. Furthermore, thermoplastic properties allow the material to be remolded, unlike steel. Customers from different industries, such as the chemical processing industries, fully benefit from the material properties of long lasting process equipment, storage tanks and piping systems.

Not only does Plasticon Composites manufacture thermoplastic materials, particularly with regard to piping systems the multilingual staff of Plasticon Composites is specialized in installing all products on site. With the team of certified thermoplastic welders, Plasticon Composites is experienced in the on-site installation of our products.

Plasticon Composites only works with certified and qualified partners for the supply of the thermoplastic materials which are selected with care by our purchasing departments. As the expert in the design, engineering, supply and installation of thermoplastic products, Plasticon Composites is qualified to advice customers what choice of material to make.


max. 60°C


max. 60-70°C


max. 85°C


max. 90°C


max. 100°C