Field Services

The team of Plasticon is certified and qualified to do field services at your site. Our special field service team can do the complete range of services, from inspections to maintenance to repairs. The field services turn key solutions will contribute considerably to the extension of the lifetime of your FRP storage tanks, piping systems or scrubbers. 


To ensure the equipment does not deteriorate to the extent that it may put people at risk, and cause extensive damage or expensive repairs, it is always recommended to follow routine inspections per manufacturer or industry standards.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our Plasticon Composites Crew, we can perform inspections at any job site, and with the support of our Engineering Department, we can make any recommendations necessary in the field. 


Proper care and maintenance can increase the service life of process equipment by highlighting a potential upcoming and avoidable problem. Some of the Turn Key Solutions that Plasticon Composites can provide to our customer base include, but are not limited to: pressure washing to remove any build-up or debris, flushing, cleaning of and inspection of flanges and expansion joints, and visual inspection of FRP related equipment for possible leaks or possible stress related failures.


“Remember that old saying “If ain’t broke don’t fixed”? well here is ours, “If it is broken, we’ll fix it”. When the time comes, Plasticon Composites personnel are capable of performing any repair or modification of existing FRP equipment as well as retrofitting or adding new processes that will meet or exceed your existing installation requirements. Plasticon Composites is proud to offer our high level of craftsmanship, coupled with our experience and training to ensure the successful inspection, repair or replacement we were contracted for.

Thanks to the Plasticon Composites high standards, our crews have a very satisfied customer base. Because of the pride and quality control in our work, we have been very successful on both large and smaller projects. 

Plasticon Field Services provides a Turn Key Solution for all your FRP needs. Including but not limited to installation, maintenance, inspection and repairs!

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