Plasticon attends during the SME Annual Conference 2017!

The holiday season is over and we are looking forward to this year: starting up new projects and helping our customers with corrosion resistant solutions!

One of our strategies is to gain more ground in the international mining industry. Corrosion problems and high maintenance costs are still a big issue. Specially in the metallurgy segments, where acids, chlorides and salts are being processed and stored. FRP storage tanks do not corrode and could contribute considerably to the performance and lifetime of mining plants. 

We have executed several interesting reference projects for the mining industry, including the supply of settler and leach tanks for a copper mine in Utah. Our representatives, who are experienced and have all knowledge to inform you about the possibilities and benefits.

Visit the SME Annual Conference & Expo this year in Denver, herewith we invite you to visit our team at booth 643.

About the SME event

SME’s 2017 Annual Conference & Expo and the Colorado Mining Association’s (CMA) 119th National Western Mining Conference & Exhibition will provide the knowledge, insights and information you’ll need to not only survive but thrive in an era of rapid economic and market change. This is the one event where successful leaders from around the world will share their visions, expertise and experience. Avoiding complacency during periods of sustained growth, these mining professionals have been able to quickly and efficiently deploy resources when and where they are needed, growing shareholder value and securing profits.

At SME, we understand the future of mining resides in the next generation of engineering and mining professionals. That is why the 2017 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 119th National Western Mining Conference also hosts an integrated student focused program, allowing students from around the world to interact with the world's most innovative technology and accomplished mining professionals. The conference hosts several student specific activities, functions, and socials to encourage personal and professional growth.

(Source: SME website for more information)

What: SME’s 2017 Annual Conference & Expo

Where: Denver | Colorado | USA

When: 19-22 February 2017

Why: it is one of the most important Mining Events this year!