Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 18-20 March 2014, the Netherlands

Plasticon Composites’ Dutch representatives invite you to visit the annual Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs in Gorinchem (the Netherlands), which takes place from March 18 to 21.

The Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs is an important and well-known exhibition for the Dutch water and waste water industry. Through visiting the event you will learn about the latest developments concerning water processing technologies.

Plasticon Composites has been a leading supplier to water and waste water industries for several decades. We are specialists in the design and manufacturing of GRP and Dual Laminate storage tanks for chemicals such as AICI3 or FeCI3; we supply Lava filter systems or desalination process equipment. Our tailor-made products are designed and manufactured in accordance with international and national standards. For example, we offer KIWA BRL K21011 certified storage tanks.

The team from Plasticon Composites invites you to visit us at booth number 110. We look forward to informing you about our product portfolio and the latest developments in  the water and waste water industries.

Please contact one of the following representatives, in order to get free access to the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2014.

Mr Wim Wolters                                                       Mr Eric Hoogstede
Regio Oost Netherlands                                             Region West Netherlands 
Phone: +31 6 53 24 12 92                                          Phone: +31 6 12 54 08 55                

In short:

What: Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2014
When: October 18-20, 2014
Where: Stand no. 110, in the Event hall of Gorinchem, the Netherlands

More information on the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs (Dutch).