The importance of inspection and maintenance

Inspection, maintenance, repair and other services are key to the performance of process apparatus at industrial plants. Having state-of-the-art equipment is no guarantee of optimum functionality and efficient processes. It is just as important to have a new product properly installed and assembled as to have your products inspected and to get repairs or maintenance activities done at the right time. 

The quality and also safety of your processes can be controlled by having a programme for inspection and maintenance services. In this way, you prevent damage to your product, inefficiency and risks relating to health & safety.

The Plasticon Composites team meets customer needs: not only as an advisor on what kind of service programme you need, but also as regards the actual inspection service, carried out by certified and well-experienced people. And to make the picture complete: the Plasticon Composites team has the skills to carry out maintenance and repairs on Plasticon Composites products and on other industrial processing products.