Video: FRP settler tanks for Mining Industries

Plasticon Composites is not only specialized in the supply of FRP and Dual Laminate products made in the workshop, as you may know: we offer field fabrication services as well. 

Field fabrication is the best option in all instances where equipment size renders transportation impossible. Plasticon Composites has the experience and expertise to fabricate tanks on site in a variety of terrains and climates, with outdoor temperatures. 

In this video we give a sneak preview about the manufacturing of FRP Settler Tanks, field fabircated and assembled by the experts of Plasticon Composites. The owner of the plant realizes great benefits by choosing for Plasticon Composites FRP Settler Tanks: they are maintenance free and have a long lifetime. 

Settler tanks

Settler tanks are a mineral process equipment used in the solvent extraction process. The settling stage allows liquids to separate in a calm pool by gravity. Next, liquids are removed seperatly from the end of the mixer. As FRP settler tanks are maintenance free, these solvent extraction processes will not be desturbed and high costs for stops will be avoided.

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