Introduction of Field Fabricated Fibreglass Tanks

Plasticon Composites creates fibreglass tank farms in the blink of an eye!
Industrial plants that require large, storage tank farms (such as energy plants, metals and mining plants or chemical plants) are challenged when it comes to sourcing these types of tanks within a tight timeframe and budget. What if a tank farm of high quality and long life span, with tanks of varying heights and diameters, can be created in a short period and at low cost, by producing on-site? Plasticon Composites offers the solution.
At a location on the plant, designated by the customer, a temporary mobile production facility is constructed; only a few containers are shipped to the site. The complete manufacturing, assembly and installation of the entire tank farm takes place on-site, in accordance with specifications and HSE regulations, and ruling out long lead times. This concept rules out delays and saves transport costs and risks. 
When the job is finished, the on-site winding facility can be easily removed and we will be gone before you know it. No disturbance of any ongoing processes at your plant.
Watch the 3D animation of Field Fabricated Fibreglass Tanks and contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our unique on-site winding solutions.