Lemmer, the Netherlands – Holland Foodz gave the order to produce a 30 meter high cinnamon stick to Polem. On June 24th, it was transported to Oosterhout, in the south of the Netherlands. The giant stick candy will be placed next to the candy factory building, alongside a highway.

Holland Foodz is a manufacturer of typical, old-school Dutch candy, cinnamon sticks being one of them. Since 1894, the cinnamon stick has been made in accordance with an original recipe in Oosterhout. When you buy a candy stick at a fair, anywhere in the Netherlands, it’s very likely that it was made by Holland Foodz. Meaning that Polem manufactured the pride of Oosterhout.

The giant cinnamon stick is not for only decorative use, but also stores bulk ingredients used for the making of all sorts of old-time candy. Once it is assembled, it will attract lots of attention: driving on the highway, you cannot miss it.

Besides that, the operation of transporting the enormous piece of candy from Lemmer, in the northern part of the Netherlands, to the south, resulted in quite an interesting sight. In particular, the transportation itself received much attention from local and national newspapers. 

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