Have a look at our reference projects

Every day, we execute large and smaller projects all over the world: we install piping systems at chlorine plants, we manufacture and assemble FRP chimney liners at power stations, we refurbish existing chemical storage tanks with new liners... Every minute, a manufacturing facility of Plasticon Composites creates new products in our workshops for various industries and applications somewhere in the world.

Plasticon Composites proudly showcases its reference cases in order to inform people about our business, possibilities and products. Each project executed is a learning experience for our organisation. And every single day, Plasticon Composites invests effort into growing along with its customers and their wishes by adapting products and services to the market. During the last few decades, certain divisions of Plasticon Composites have become more and more specialised in serving the worldwide energy market. We have built up an impressive list of international reference cases; on this website you can see a 'sneak preview'. Have a look at FRP liner projects, for example. And if you have questions or would like to see more reference cases, feel free to contact us