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The most important activities of the purchasing and logistics department are mainly focused on:

  • Raw materials used for production of elements made of polyester-glass laminate and dualaminates, using thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF).
  • Thermoplastic fittings used in various industries (petrochemical, chemical, sanitary).
  • Steel elements ranging from black steel through acid steel to special alloys. Crucial elements are flanges, fittings,
    load-bearing elements, ladders, platforms, railings, supports for both pipelines and apparatus.
  • Fasteners and seals.
  • Logistics (land, sea and air transport) and all kinds of packaging.

To provide our customers with the best quality products, we are looking for qualified suppliers.
We value business partnership based on mutual respect and long-term cooperation.

We expect honesty, knowledge and reliability from our partners.